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International Shipping Information

Shipping to destinations outside the Continental United States including Hawaii and Alaska may be accomplished by using PAYPAL ONLY.  No other payment option is available.

If you live outside the United States and you wish to order plants, you must first check your country's Prohibitions & Restrictions.  You can do this by clicking here.  Locate your country and determine whether whether live plants are allowed into your country.  If it says 'NO LIVE PLANTS', please do not attempt to make an order.  I will not send to any country where plants are prohibited.  The plants will be returned and money will be lost.

I will not send plants to the following destinations due to prior issues:  Canada, Korea   If you send an order from these countries, I will not send plants and will have to return your funds.  No exceptions.

There is some inherent risk in sending live plants to international destinations.  SMG Succulents will not be liable for any loss for any reason when shipped to any destination outside the United States.  Shipments may take 6-10 days to be delivered and sometimes longer.  The customer takes full responsibility for the total amount of the purchase and the shipping once it leaves the nursery.  The customer must take full responsibility for any required import permit or import duties, or local inspections.  You should check into this prior to ordering plants, since it can cause substantial delays in delivery.

All international shipments will be accompanied with a phytosanitary certificate.  The cost for the certificate is currently $31.  

Shipping costs are calculated using Priority Mail International rates.

It takes additional time to precess international orders since an appointment must be made for inspections.  Please be patient!

** If you have questions about sending orders to your country, please send your question to