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Jovibarba Rollers

Jovibarba is an outstanding and attractive genus comprised of five species.   The first four species are very similar in the way that they produce offsets and are collectively referred to as Jovibarba “rollers”.  The offsets are borne on short, very fragile upright stolons.  When the stolons become dry, the offsets easily become detached and "roll" away from the parent plant.  J. heuffelii (the 5th specie) offsets in a different way and has its own listing.  The Jovibarba rollers are very hardy (USDA Zone 4) and are very tolerant of dry conditions.  Most of the rollers are somewhat green when growing rapidly during the spring, however, as temperatures cool down in the Autumn, the plants display fabulous colors from yellow, scarlet, to deep purple.   Jovibarba rollers make great accents for troughs or other containers with other succulent plants. 

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