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This spectacular genus in the Crassulaceae family is commonly known as 'Hens & Chicks' or 'Houseleeks.'  They are European in origin and are mostly hardy to Zone 4.  Sempervivum is a succulent evergreen perennial  rosette which exhibits a profound ability to survive dryness.  The plants display a remarkable progression of  color changes throughout the year.  They are monocarpic and thus will flower and die, but they normally produce several generations of offsets (or 'chicks') before that happens.  The approximately 40 species cross readily resulting in the fantastic collection of hybrids we list. 

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  Drainage surrounding the root system is an absolute must.  The plants will not tolerate exposure to pools of water.  Soil and light conditions will alter the plants greatly, so take care not to overfeed them and provide for ample light.  In areas where extreme summer temperatures are experienced, some light shade is beneficial during the hottest part of the day.  The plants will survive indoors, but will perform their best in outdoor conditions.  We ship a rosette and at least 2-3 offsets with an identifying label. 

     Following the description of each plant we have identified, to the best of our knowledge,  the hybridizer of each hybrid and the year the plant was introduced.

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