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February 2019

Hardy Succulents Sempervivum SMG Succulents

In the nearly two decades that I have been growing Semps, I cannot recall a time when the plants have started showing serious color this early in the year. There have only been a few days of hard frost and no extended cold. We could still experience an ‘arctic event’ but the chances of it happening now are quite slim.  It is yet another small observation of a warming planet and a reminder to us all to practice conservation and push for the reversal of climate change.

I chose to highlight two Ed Skrocki cultivars which really jumped out at me over the past week as showing very early, exciting color.  ‘Sassy Frass’ is a relatively small cultivar which produces copious amounts of offsets and sports a unique brassy color. It fades in intensity as the season warms but provides year-round interest.



                                    Sempervivum ‘Sassy Frass’

‘Rachael’ is also a small rosette with unique purple splash in the heart of the rosette. This one doesn’t offset so much compared to ‘Sassy Frass’.  It also fades to green in the heat of summer. In my opinion it is a worthy plant to grow simply for its nice leaf pattern and the very early gift of color.



                                             Sempervivum ‘Rachael’                  

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